#Code "The Digital Kind"

#Code "The Digital Kind"

You give someone that has nothing to talk about something to talk about just by being in their presence. Let's talk about <>code</> then. We'll start with HTML. HTML code is most commonly referred to as tags. The majority of tags have both an opening and a closing tag. <html></html>


Introduction tutorial to HTML tags.

HTML code is most commonly referred to as tags. The majority of tags have both an opening tag and a corresponding closing tag. Every HTML file begins with this opening tag:


Every HTML file ends with the corresponding closing tag:


Notice the / in the closing tag? All closing tags must have this slash. You know why? Because it's a closing tag, that's why. Below the opening html tag come the opening and closing head tags:

<head> </head>

The head tag doesn't have any affect on what appears on the web page, it's job is to hold certain other types of tags, one being the title tag:

<title>My First Webpage</title>

Ah, look at that, there's some text between the opening and closing title tags, this is where the title of a web page is entered, it will appear in the browser's title bar:

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